Esperion – The Lipid Management Company

Esperion is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in developing and commercializing non-statin, once-daily, oral therapies for the treatment of patients with elevated low-­density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C). The company has two therapies in late-stage development; both with defined global, pivotal, Phase 3 clinical development plans. Bempedoic acid and Esperion’s lead product candidate—bempedoic acid plus ezetimibe fixed-dose combination—are targeted therapies that in clinical trials have significantly reduced elevated LDL-C levels in patients with hypercholesterolemia, including patients inadequately treated with current lipid-modifying therapies.

Esperion Leadership has Strong Industry Expertise in Cholesterol Biology

Esperion has assembled an innovative team of lipid management experts who are exclusively committed to
leveraging their scientific and clinical excellence and deep understanding of cholesterol biosynthesis. The Lipid Management team is focused on developing targeted, oral, non-statin, LDL-C-lowering therapies to address patient needs that have the potential to make a substantial impact on lowering LDL-C.

Our Mission: Developing Innovative Lipid-Modifying Therapies

Esperion is passionately committed to developing and commercializing oral, LDL-C-lowering therapies for patients with hypercholesterolemia.

Our Core Values

We promote an inclusive and supportive environment that, regardless of title or rank, fosters open discussion and debate.
We are committed to making a difference for patients living with hypercholesterolemia and will confront every challenge with optimism and resourcefulness.
We challenge the status quo with entrepreneurial spirit as we remain steadfastly committed to problem-solving with agility, resilience, and creativity.
We hold ourselves and each other to the highest level of personal and professional integrity, by owning what we say and delivering on our commitments.
We value each other, and we invest in building strong relationships and creating opportunities for personal and professional growth.