Statin Intolerance

Esperion launched an information source on “statin intolerance” for physicians and patients.  Many patients with elevated LDL-C are unable to benefit from statins, the current leading treatments, due to muscle-related side effects.  Muscle pain or weakness are the most common cause for discontinuing therapy with statins.  Approximately 8 million adults in the U.S., Europe and Japan are estimated to tolerate less than the lowest approved daily starting dose of a statin, due to muscle-related side effects and can be considered “statin intolerant”.

The “statin intolerance” site features physician and patient testimonial videos, leading scientific articles, and an infographic outlining facts of “statin intolerance”, cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease.

Visit the “statin intolerance” content capsule, or click the image below to learn more about “statin intolerance”.

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