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Olympic Reflection: Team USA and Team Esperion

Tim Mayleben

President and Chief Executive Officer

Perhaps, like me, you’ve been watching the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, reading about the Olympics online and in print, and talking about the Olympics with friends and co-workers.  The Olympics have been exciting to watch – and exhausting to keep up with!  Dawn now considers herself an “Olympics widow”.

There are always inspiring Olympic storylines but one relatively under-reported story in particular caught my attention.

While women represent 51 percent of the US population, did you know that for the second straight Summer Olympics, women made up almost 53 percent of the US Olympic Team?  Two-hundred and ninety-two women competed for our country in Rio…but this hasn’t always been the case.

Did you also know that the women representing Team USA have won more medals than the men in these Olympics – and US women achieved this same feat both in 2008 in Beijing and in 2012 in London?  Women from Team USA accomplished this despite the fact that the Olympic medals for women represent only 44 percent of the total medal count awarded overall.

What drew my attention to this is just how under-reported these statistics for women competing and receiving medals in the Olympics have been – not just this year, but in the past two Summer Olympics.  Despite zealously following the Olympics every four years, I was previously unaware of this.  These athletes are highly accomplished – world class – and we can all be proud of the way they represent us, our country and, perhaps most importantly, our culture.

How is this relevant to Esperion?  We have 42 colleagues at Esperion – 23, or nearly 55 percent, are women.  Esperion now has six members on our Leadership Team and half of them are women.  We don’t talk about this often – it is just part of who we are as a company and as a team.  It is part of the culture we’ve created and continue to nurture.

This culture has resulted in our being enormously successful at attracting and retaining the very best scientists, drug developers, physicians, and business people.  We have a culture of accountability and performance.  We seek to hire and retain the very best person for each position at Esperion, and we’ve assembled a world class team.  As with Team USA and the Summer Olympic Games, we have found that for Esperion, the best person for the job is often a woman.