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Working to Impact the Lives of Millions of Statin Intolerant Patients

Tim Mayleben

President and Chief Executive Officer

I re-joined Roger at Esperion almost a year ago to help people who are at risk for debilitating and life-threatening heart attacks and strokes because they have elevated levels of LDL-C (the bad cholesterol), but who are unable to take a statin because of myalgia (muscle pain). These patients are considered statin intolerant – and there are an estimated 2 million of them in the United States. While statins are the cornerstone of lipid treatment today and are highly effective at lowering LDL-C, many patients… more

The Coming Revolution in LDL-Cholesterol Lowering

Marianne Andreach

Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Product Planning

I have spent close to 30 years working in the cardio-metabolic area in the pharmaceutical industry with products such as Pravachol®, Lipitor®, Glucophage®, Plavix® and ApoA-I Milano (ETC-216). My roles have been as varied as lab scientist, salesperson, marketer, educator and now vice president of strategic marketing and product planning for Esperion. Looking back reminds me of how far we have come. Even as late as the early 1990s, we were still educating physicians about high cholesterol as a risk factor, as well as the… more

The Promise of ETC-1002 for Patients at Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Noah Rosenberg

Chief Medical Officer

Many years ago, as an attending physician in an academic emergency department, I was surprised to see a number of patients presenting with advanced cardiovascular disease (CVD). What made this so unusual was that these patients had no known “traditional” CVD risk factors, such as smoking or high blood pressure, but were all relatively young–in their 30s or 40s–and obese. Their CVD had progressed beyond our ability to reverse years of damage. Oftentimes, I felt helpless and wanted to do something to help prevent people… more

Going with Your Gut

Roger Newton, PhD, FAHA

Executive Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer

Sometimes in science, you have to go with your gut. Years ago, my gut instinct told me that a drug I was working on would be successful, even though it was still early in development and several effective competitors were already on the market. I believed in this drug so much that I begged the company multiple times not to discontinue the program, and pleaded with them for the necessary funds to continue development. I wrote memos to the business people at Warner-Lambert saying that… more

Getting the Band Back Together

Roger Newton, PhD, FAHA

Executive Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer

Late last year, one of the country’s most brilliant scientists called me and asked if I wanted to help him change the lives of millions of people – again. Two decades ago, that scientist, Roger Newton, helped create the statin Lipitor, which turned out to be the best selling pharmaceutical drug of all time. Because of his contribution to developing that medicine, millions of people have lived longer and healthier lives. I met Roger initially in 1998, just after he started the first Esperion Therapeutics…. more